David Knight - 9th Oct 2009

We've had title sequence videos galore. Now, ingeniously, is the 'end credits' video, for the Justice's Lenny Kravitz remix by Keith Schofield.

Which includes Keith completely nailing the whole trouble with end credits, and possibly when it all really started getting out of hand. He's created the final yards of a mid-Eighties movie, with a Michael J Fox-type lead guy in trademark puffa jacket. It's perfectly pitched - and the credits roll on and on...

Superb. You can see the version with more 'movie' on Keith's website - and, of course, you can all have all sorts of fun namechecking...

Watch 'Lenny Kravitz & Justice’s Let Love Rule by Keith Schofield' here


DirectorKeith Schofield
Production CompanyEl Niño
Executive ProducerJules Dieng
ProducerSteve Buchanan
Director of PhotographyDamian Acevedo
CommissionerXavier De Nauw

David Knight - 9th Oct 2009

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