David Knight - 30th July 2009

A low-budget NYC-set video with a neat twist by Brendan McNamee for Killa Kela - who might possibly have found his Lola.

Brendan McNamee on making the video for Kila Kela's Everyday

"When I set out to write a treatment for Everyday I knew I would be in NYC and decided, naturally enough, to set it there. The budget was tight but Greencard pictures in New York really pulled out all the stops for us.

"DoP Brett Jutkiewicz came on board and after speaking to him I knew there would be no problem with my not having any sort of monitoring. His shooting style is very intuitive, and without seeing a single frame before the transfer to tape amazingly I wasn't nervous at all.

"More amazingly everything looked as I imagined, in fact better than I imagined. The one light transfer was fantastic and just can't get better than shooting on film for my mind, it lets you off the hook in so many situations.

"The narrative of the clip is based on the lyrics and a twist in the theme of two lovers breaking up. I liked the idea that the two people were in fact two sides of the same coin and Kela would be the confidant to both of them. The clip remains fairly ambiguous, down to the actress/actor we chose and the speed with which we shot.

"It's not obvious what Kela's role is in either relationship, but discussing that with him he was very cool with being 'very cool' to both of the friends in the clip.

"I have to say massive, massive thanks to Greencard - Blyth, Tiffany, Brett, Sam, Solena, Nicola - and Kela for being a true artist. Not many hip hoppers would be confident enough to take the 'crying game' so easily in their stride."

Watch 'Killa Kela’s Everyday by Brendan McNamee' here


Production CompanyBlunt Films/Greencard Pictures NYC
DirectorBrendan McNamee
ProducerElayne Blyth, Tiffany Huang,
Director of PhotographyBrett Jutkiewicz
EditorBrendan McNamee
Post ProducerBlunt Films Ltd

David Knight - 30th July 2009

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