David Knight - 8th July 2009

One of the most involving of the latest wave of interactive videos, Sam Jones - better known as a photographer and filmmaker, who directed the Wilco documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart - has created a remix experience for Cold War Kids' I've Seen Enough for the fans which allows them to hop from the original arrangement to acoustic, dance and reggae versions, and all combinations in-between.

Cold War Kids re-recorded all the parts separately, then the video was developed in Flash 10 at production company Tool of North America's digital department. Dustin Callif, who heads up the division says, "It was pre-planned so that any element of each song could be mixed together. We're streaming four videos at the same time, and they are synced together, so that you can move from one track to another in real time."

Dustin adds that in the development stage, "we focussed a lot on compression", so unlike a lot of other interactive videos you probably don't even have to wait for it to download to start playing...

Watch 'Cold War Kids’ I’ve Seen Enough (Interactive) by Sam Jones' here


Production CompanyTool of North America
DirectorSam Jones
Executive ProducerDustin Callif, Brian L
ProducerAngela Jones Solomon
Director of PhotographyMark Williams
EditorAsako Ushio, Cosmo St. Editorial
ColouristSparkle, Technicolor

David Knight - 8th July 2009

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