David Knight - 7th July 2009

Girl with major party fears makes a spectacular exit in Shane Davey's new vid for US outfit Madina Lake.

I guess we've all been there, when simply using the door isn't quite enough...

Shane Davey on making the video for Madina Lake's Let's Get Outta Here

"I'd been to a weird party where there was one middle-aged dude totally off his tits sleazing over all the girls and I thought that guy is a perfect, intimidating character for a video somewhere down the line.

"I started with him and our young girl - wrong place, wrong time - and built it up from there. It was important that the band's teenage following connect with the main character and feel the claustrophobia and intimidation.

"Her escape route was influenced by a scene in Escape From New York where Snake shoots a hole in some polyboard and jumps through it, the opening title sequence to the Sly Stallone film Paradise Alley, and of course Glazer's Levi's Odyssey commercial, where we blatantly ripped two of our angles from. We cast a young gymnast with proper acting experience and off she went."

Watch 'Madina Lake’s Let’s Get Outta Here by Shane Davey' here

PRO Credits


ProducerGail Davey
DirectorShane Davey
Director's RepresentationOB Management
Director of PhotographyChris Sabogal
Art DirectorAimee P
StylistIhunna Eberendu
EditorVid Price
ColouristBen Rogers
CommissionerJim T

David Knight - 7th July 2009

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