David Knight - 25th June 2009

Bespectacled 'one-man Coldplay' Gary Go is actually a clockwork man.

Mike Baldwin reveals this in his second video for Gary after the debut Wonderful - although possibly something has clearly rubbed off on Mike after making the Girl and The Robot for Royksopp recently.

And it looks like they really did make a clockwork version of Gary. No, they really did...

Michael Baldwin on making the video for Gary Go's Engines

"Having got to know Gary from the first video I made for him, it was clear he's a very unique and charismatic man. The idea for the Engines video came from the notion that I wanted to see 'what made Gary tick'. Literally.

"I knew he likes odd ideas, so I thought 'let's set up the idea that Gary is assembled, like musical equipment, before each show and then taken apart and travelled around on tour in custom made flight cases for his body parts.

"Simple idea, but I had no idea how we would make it as it seemed to need a movie or commercial budget rather than the one we actually had. The sweats began. Then a stroke of utter and complete brilliance happened that made me believe that this job was going to be blessed. It turned out that Gary's dad is the owner of a company that was effectively Jim Henson's old Creature Workshop. Genius. Not only that but they loved the idea and wanted to help as much as possible!

"That was an understatement, for they made a full-sized detachable Gary Go. A proper replica of Gary, that was so lifelike it was eerie. His arms came off, his head opened up...it was amazing. As soon as I saw what they could do, I dropped the idea of using any 3D whatsoever in the video and knew we could do it ALL in-camera.

"Perfect. I'm a big believer in actually seeing what you're shooting and I think that adds the charm and authenticity to the job. 3D and fancy CGI is incredible, but it still feels too synthetic.

"We had a great team, from Rain Li as DoP (who works with the legendary Christopher Doyle on feature films) to Rushes who made sure it all worked in post. Now it's time for a holiday. Somewhere there are no robots or machines."

Watch 'Gary Go’s Engines by Michael Baldwin' here


Production CompanyFlynn
DirectorMichael Baldwin
ProducerLeanne Stott
Director of PhotographyRain Li
Art DirectorTo
CommissionerRoss Anderson

David Knight - 25th June 2009

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