David Knight - 23rd June 2009

After their highly creative effort with Dan Black's debut Alone, Paris-based direction/design team Chic & Artistic's new one for Dan is just as impressive.

The title sequence video has been done before (or, arguably, to death). But the cool thing about the approach of C&A - that's Corinne Bance and Axel D'Harcourt - is their range of references (covering adventure, science fiction, horror, Nouvelle Vague, western, etc.) and sheer quality of the execution.

That includes some good additions to the usual suspects, with nods to 'modern classics' like Fincher's Seven and Donnie Darko.

And also Kuntzel and Deygas' title for Speilberg's Catch Me If You Can - which itself referenced old titles maestro Saul Bass. So, as Corinne says, "it's homage on homage"... Here's the making of.


Production CompanyChic & Artistic Unlimited
DirectorChic & Artistic
CommissionerEmily Tedrake

David Knight - 23rd June 2009

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