David Knight - 15th May 2009

Hot on the heels of the all-seeing eye in Popcore's's video for Dizee Rascal's Bonkers we have the new one by Duckeye for Magic And Fur which takes the 360º thing a stage further.

Or does it Jey of Duckeye explains all below. But certainly this is a mesmeric work with one stunning image travelling smoothly into another. And it leaves the best until last.

Jey at Duckeye on making the video for Magic and Fur's Christine

"When we received the track we were immediately struck by the way the track builds to a climax as Chris Wilde (vocals) holds a note on the word "flight" for what seems an eternity. There is also a dusky wild west theme in the music which we thought could be drawn out by shooting the scenes at dawn and dusk.

"Time-lapse photography was clearly the best way to tap into this feeling of transition from night to day, day to night. Again, the use of a vast panoramic landscape and big skies is reminiscent of western films. We decided to create a promo where each scene was like a miniature planet that we zoomed into revealing another world contained within it, building the pace with the track until the planets became more and more abstract as they rapidly change shape once the climax of the song is reached.

"We had experimented with footage from a 360 degree camera but found that the results of a mirrored 180 degree image was more interesting, the clouds creating evolving Rorschach-like shapes and objects disappearing into nothing as they collided in the centre of the image.

"The time-lapse allowed us to add hints of animation involving Chris who appears trapped within the endless corridor of worlds. The human figure is in stark contrast to the landscape of cold static buildings and the rapid hustle of a city."

Watch 'Magic And Fur’s Christine by Duckeye' here


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David Knight - 15th May 2009

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