David Knight - 11th May 2009

Rags to riches (to rags) story of the new pop duo that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. More like this year's wannabe Hoosiers.

Harvey is more used to doing straight pop performances, but he grabs his chance to 'break out of the box' and try his hand at a fantasy-comedy narrative with gusto.

Harvey B-Brown on making the video for The Yeah You's 15 Minutes

"Commissioners can't help categorizing you; they see your reel and then commission you to keep doing the genre of work that they can see you do, and that you have proved that you do well.

"My idea was to create a narrative for the song. As Andy Warhol said 'in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes' and I told a complicated rags to riches story (and then back to rags again) in a very concise and condensed 3.28 mins.

"I had a limited budget, but buckets of enthusiasm as I could see that this was my golden ticket to break out from my box! I managed to squeeze and cajole my cast and crew into cramming in the entire storyline of what essentially should have been a two-day shoot into one day and on a shoestring.

"Nick and Mike from the band were very collaborative and we all enjoyed work-shopping ideas a few days before the shoot. I put all my energies into telling a fun story, and devising smooth transitions to take us from one scene to the next. Then every time I was asked to brief anyone from the record company, or my amazing art department or editor with the plot outline I was always faced with the same comment: "and you are gonna shoot all that in ONE day"

"But the shoot was a dream. It started off well as we shot Tracy-Ann Oberman's Talk Tonight show as our first scene at nine in the morning. She had brilliant comic timing that made us all laugh, and that set the tone for the day.

"I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a shoot so much - including the adrenaline rush of knowing that I couldn't afford to drop any set ups because that would then leave a hole in my edit. I simply didn't have time to cover more than the allotted sync to each scene. It was
strictly an hour and then I HAD to move on.

"I'm very proud of this piece of work. From a personal perspective it is ground breaking for me as it is nothing like my other work."

Watch 'The Yeah Yous’ 15 Minutes by Harvey Bertram Brown' here


Production CompanyMerge@Crossroads
DirectorHarvey Bertram Brown
ProducerFran Barnes
Production ManagerJames Bolton
1st ADRawdon de Fresnes
Art DirectorJames H
StylistDavid Lamb
Hair & Make-upBrendan Robertson
ChoreographerClaire Eastman
EditorSteve Ackroyd
CommissionerBob Brimson & Tamara Brooks

David Knight - 11th May 2009

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