David Knight - 28th Apr 2009

Storming piece of work by Jesse Ewles, who orchestrates pretty much the destruction of everything in charming lo-fi fashion for In Case Of Fire.

A future war where the enemy is targeting the water supply may not to be everyone's taste right now, but in this case, you've got to go with the flow. If Terry Gilliam was still doing cut-out animation he'd probably be doing something like this - and this is eco-conscious filmmaking too.

Jesse Ewles on the making of In Case Of Fire's Enemies

"Conceptually, it's just about a future war. To me, in the future armies will drive Theo Jansen/Da Vinci inspired vehicles and they will probably be after your water. We decided to make the destruction stylized to avoid being trite. Many a video has been made with evil armies since Pink Floyd's the Wall. :)

"Filmmaking is traditionally one of the most toxic and wasteful industries. For the most part this is by necessity; how else can you build something like Middle Earth, or the Transformers convincingly without using huge amounts of materials and energy Because of this, the concept of "Green" filmmaking is appealing to me.

"For each video we do, we try and come up with visual solutions that don't just look cool, but are also either made from materials that are biodegradable, reclaimed, or recycled. Our computers and cameras are also powered by green electricity via Bullfrog in Ontario. We hope that as we work with larger budgets we can expand and perfect some of these approaches."


DirectorJesse Ewles
CommissionerAlex Sayles via Radar Music Videos

David Knight - 28th Apr 2009

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