David Knight - 8th Apr 2009

Here's something previously considered impossible to write, except possibly on April Fool's Day: it's a Girls Aloud video by Warp Films.

After his creative use of the male torso for Sugababes, Marco sends the Girls on their very first sci-fi adventure: they occupy glass space-pods speeding through space before falling to Earth as meteors.

Marco Puig on making the video for Girls Aloud's Untouchable

"The brief was really tough for Girls Aloud. To meet our Channel Four exclusive we had seven days to film, edit and build all the post for our sci-fi extravaganza!

"Framestore really pulled out all the stops, giving us access to four Flame suites running simultaneously at one stage. But what really helped was doing most of the post before the shoot. We built three CG back projection films of star fields, moons and the Earth, for our front shots and profile shots. These were then projected behind and in front of the spheres to create reflections in the front of the pods.

"Machine Shop once again excelled, creating these fantastical looking space ships on a challenging budget. Paul Mann created incredible in-camera effects, realising the re-entry scenes using CO2, smoke and huge fire balls.

"Denzil Armour-Brown once again did an amazing job. I wanted to achieve beauty lighting solely from practicals housed within these tiny plastic spheres. Denzil found these amazing LED strips which we furnished the pod with. The end result looks incredible, I'll be using them again I'm sure."

Watch 'Girls Aloud’s Untouchable by Marco Puig' here


Production CompanyWarp Films
DirectorMarco Puig
ProducerJon Adams
Director of PhotographyDenzil Armour Brown
1st ADChris Kelly
Art DirectorChris Williams
PropsMachine Shop
Director's RepresentationJoceline Gabriel

David Knight - 8th Apr 2009

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