David Knight - 3rd Apr 2009

You can hardly get a bigger subject than this - on a smaller scale.

Chris Boyle and the team at JJ Stereo have realised landmark events from the often bloody and grisly history of mankind in scale model form for the philosophical Just Jack. It's like a highly ambitious but rather less-explicit work by Jake and Dinos Chapman.

Chris Boyle and John Paveley on making the video for Just Jack's Embers

"The concept was basically to make the ultimate high school science project, showcasing the very human capacity for screwing up. So we built a 20 ft long diorama of the history of man.

"On the day, D.O.P. Nick Wood shot the model in one, so we could sync it to the track - every inch of the diorama corresponding to a second of the song.

"Then, after a quick green screen shoot and a couple of weeks manic post... the History of Man in three minutes thirty seconds!"

Watch 'Just Jack’s Embers by Chris Boyle' here


Production CompanyJJ Stereo
DirectorChris Boyle
ProducerJohn Paveley
Director of PhotographyNick Wood
CommissionerDan Curwin
CommissionerTom Bird

David Knight - 3rd Apr 2009

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