David Knight - 30th Mar 2009

Not content with writing era-defining multi-million sellers, Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody came up with the idea for a 16-minute HD animation played as screen visuals as the band play the epic three-track song-cycle called The Lightning Strike on their current Take Back The Cities world stadium tour.

Atticus Finch brought in fellow micro-studio Undabo to help develop an origami style of modelling and texturing that drew on album artwork for A Hundred Million Suns. They animated rockets, satellites, fish, rainbows, cars - and a Snow Patrol gig in 'CGI origami'.

In a little over three months, they created over 24,000 frames of bespoke animation to be played out onto a 60 x 40ft projection screen. For the first six minutes this is hung in from of the band before moving to massive LED screens behind them.

Watch 'Snow Patrol’s The Lightning Strike live visuals by Atticus Finch' here


DirectorBlue Leach
ProducerEmer P

David Knight - 30th Mar 2009

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