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Depeche Mode 'Wrong' by Patrick Daughters

Depeche Mode 'Wrong' by Patrick Daughters

David Knight - 26th Mar 2009

Depeche Mode's glorious return to form yields a tremendous video by Patrick Daughters that also harks back to the glory days: a dark, gripping, thrilling sequence which could be the centrepiece of an action movie.

Patrick is no stranger to making highly cinematic music videos, of course, but this is really on a new level of achievement. It all happened because DM's Dave Gahan was such a fan of Patrick's remarkable video for The Liar's Plaster Casts Of Everything. And the man tied up behind the wheel of a car deliberately stuck in reverse is played by the Liars' drummer Julian Gross.

It was shot in LA (apart from the band's bystanding cameo) and there are no film-reversing tricks - the car was driven backwards by a stunt driver.

Patrick has acknowledged that it was inspired by David Fincher's movieĀ The GameĀ - and several videos by Jonathan Glazer. The result is something that, just like with those great Glazer vids, will be working for the band and the track for a long time to come.

David Knight - 26th Mar 2009

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David Knight - 26th Mar 2009

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