David Knight - 12th Mar 2009

Greg Butler directed the wonderful snooker-centric video for Lime Headed Dog's Francis Bacon, which graced BUG 09.

Now here's Greg's new one for the Dog, for the intriguingly-titled I Don't Want to be Murdered.... with these Green Eyes of Mine - involving more table-top activity. This time it's board games, lots of them. And what happens when you always end up losing.

What happens is Death. In this case, a cheeky, tea-drinking Death who wields a leaf-raker (presumably the budget didn't stretch to a sickle). Obviously it's struck a chord because it's already on more than 70,000 views on YouTube (which evidently still hosts one or two music videos) in a matter of days - a lot more than the snooker video has done in months. Nice one.



ProducerGreg Butler and PTE
DirectorGreg Butler
Director of PhotographyAdam Ings
StylistLaurie Innes

David Knight - 12th Mar 2009

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