David Knight - 19th Feb 2009

Ruth Render is the puntastic prodco monicker of London- based Alexander Brown and Berlin resident Graeme Pearce, who are developing a substantial and impressive body of low-budget work with videos for The Bishops, Nic Nell, We The They - and a silent movie style clip for The Tears by Robots In Disguise featuring a fine non-Boosh outing by Noel Fielding.

Graeme's latest is Nemo's Yellow Sun - a homage to the greatness of the original sci-fi hero Flash Gordon.

Meanwhile Alex - who is also occupied designing CD artwork, including sleeves for the La Roux campaign - has co-directed The Maccabees' No Kind Words with Orlando Weeks, featuring actors Mat Horne (Gav from Gavin & Stacy) and Matthew Baynton in a video-game visualisation of a conversation that becomes a verbal assault.




DirectorGraeme Pearce
CommissionerEmily Tedrake
Production CompanyRuth Render
Director of PhotographyBjorn Scholz (DaumenKino)

David Knight - 19th Feb 2009

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