David Knight - 17th Feb 2009

A visually stunning and poignant video from Iceland for the artist Hjörvar by Sigvaldi J. Kárason and Björn "feigsson which explores the themes of loneliness and yearning through a sci-fi story in the classic style.

Sigvaldi J. Kárason on making the video for Hjörvar's See the Sea

"We had always wanted to make a video for Hjörvar, not only because he's an old friend and we love his music, but also because we ourselves wanted to step more into creating music videos after many years of working in the film and TV business.

"Right from the start we knew we didn't want to get fixed in contemporary style, or any other time period whatsoever - we wanted to make a "timeless" and solitary video. Then we simply laid out the work plan, created a storyboard, pulled in favours from friends and colleagues around us and started working. The shooting session took us two days and the post production around a month. There were some restrictions from the beginning regarding the financial side of the project, but we nonetheless took it all the way - in the end we didn't compromise in any aspect.

"We wanted to keep the special effects as old school as possible by using back projection wherever we could instead of a green screen. We used up to four projections at the same time in some shots. Through some fluke of luck we acquired the lenses actually used in shooting special effects in Back to the Future, thanks to Douglas Trumbull (the visual effect wizard from movies like 2001 and Blade Runner) and it was challenging to use these 30-40 year old still lenses on our Red One camera. But it really gave the shots the extra special softness we needed."

Watch 'Hjörvar’s See the Sea by Sigvaldi J. Kárason and Björn Ófeigsson' here


Production CompanyEnjoy Productions
DirectorSigvaldi J. Kárason and Björn "feigsson
Director of PhotographyTomas
Make-upÍsak Freyr Helgason
CommissionerSigvaldi J. Kárason and Björn "feigsson

David Knight - 17th Feb 2009

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