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BUG 11: Glasvegas's Flowers And Football Tops by Martin De Thurah

BUG 11: Glasvegas's Flowers And Football Tops by Martin De Thurah

David Knight - 10th Feb 2009

Dark, intense, weird, impenetrable, hyperreal, beautiful... the video for Glasvegas's Flowers And Football Tops is simply a marvellous expression of Martin De Thurah's unmistakeable style.

Large particles float through a derelict house, past the band, into the orifices of half-naked people. Spotlights burst from their faces. Outside a storm gathers, and the dust builds into a maelstrom of matter, building around the house, penetrating everything.

Essentially it's a brilliant visual manifestation of Glasvegas's signature, layered, wall of sound. And as usual with Martin's work, it looks amazing. Working for the first time with DoP Lasse Frank the dust-particle storm was created in-camera. Post work was at Duckling in Copenhagen.


Martin De Thurah

"Initially the brief was to do a performance video, and not to illustrate the lyrics. The inspiration came from the sounds in the song, in particular the last chord. The massive layers of guitar of the song inspired me the most - to work with some kind of storm - a storm which needed to have some scale. I wanted to try to create a contrast between stillness and chaos.

"I have a connection going on to particles - its been haunting me for years. And I wanted to do a piece where these particles could finally come out in large amounts, to get rid of them. And because I thought it was a nice fit. I felt the storm should be real and we made it as much as possible in-camera. I shot layers and layers of particles at different speeds and then combined them, a bit like the production in the track.

"It was obvious that the song had a lot of longing and tenderness, so I thought that I needed a tiny cast which could frame both the loneliness and the love in an open way. The storm should surround everything and be a force which penetrated everything - the people, the planes, the little car should all be in it. In a way it was the dust behind it all and the energy in all. It should have scale, be big and be small.

"And what a great band to work with. Someone told me later this was like a sad love letter."

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David Knight - 10th Feb 2009


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Martin De Thurah
Liz Kessler
Production Company


Director of Photography
Lasse Frank


Art Director
Ben Ansell

Other credits


Suzy Davis at Final Cut


Duckling, Copenhagen


James Hackett, Mike O’Keefe

David Knight - 10th Feb 2009

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