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BUG 11: Red Fang’s Prehistoric Dog by Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy

BUG 11: Red Fang’s Prehistoric Dog by Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy

David Knight - 9th Feb 2009

Not just a tremendously cathartic booze-filled adrenalin rush - funny, violent and downright amazing - Whitey McConnaughy's brilliant video for the Pacific North Western grunge-metal-punk boogie outfit Red Fang makes a timely appearance on Promo - considering it offers a dutiful bow to the genius of the new BAFTA Fellowship recipient Terry Gilliam.

Yes, it all starts with fully-grown men knocking about in chain mail - they call them LARPers in the States: Live-Action Role Players. But it's also about beer-drinking - and what to do with all those empty cans.

Whitey deserves a medal for his recycling concept and its execution - especially as he made all those fantastic outfits himself. More than 1500 rivets! Genius.

Whitey McConnaughy

"I've been wanting to do a video for these guys for a loooong time. They've been friends for a good while, I've known them from their old bands Party Time and the Last of the Juanitas. I knew they had no money so I needed to come up with an idea that was cheap and awesome, just like the band!

"When I finally came up with the idea for the video I had the band to meet me at a bar to tell them about it. I told them that one of the big prerequisites of the video was that they would have to drink a lots of beer. They signed on as soon as they heard that, they were sold.

"It took me a loooong time to make the suits, way too long. I made them all myself. The band helped gather up the cans, a bunch of bars donated some of the empties and of course everyone chipped in to drink as much as possible. I didn't have to ask twice.

"We did the performance one day at David Sullivan's (guitarist) house. He rents the place with a bunch of friends. I don't think they were too excited to have their kitchen filled with 800 dirty beer cans. John and Brian really vomited in the video but David's roommates thought it was fake. When one of them found out that John and Brian had really vomited all over his coffee table he almost threw up himself.

"The band drank a lot of beers during that shoot. The outside shoot was hectic but fun. I don't know how we got it done. It was the smallest crew ever, but it all worked out well and it was worth it. The two main LARPers in the opening of the video are from the band The Bugs. Mike and Paul were awesome.

"We had to re do the final shot because we ran out of sun. I had no one to help me and we couldn't get all the LARPers for that reshoot. So I had to don the Wizard outfit and left the camera un attended on the tripod. Who needs a cameraman when you've got a tripod."

Watch 'BUG 11: Red Fang’s Prehistoric Dog by Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy ' here

David Knight - 9th Feb 2009


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Cathy Pellow

David Knight - 9th Feb 2009

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