David Knight - 3rd Feb 2009

A new kind of controversy at BUG with Roel Wouters' latest video for zZz - animal fighting.

With a nod to his previous, triumphant video/performance piece for the band's Grip it starts with an overhead shot over a rectangular area, and in its way Running With The Beast is another exhibition of physical expression to a creative end. But in this case, the viewer watches with discomfort: it looks bad (unless, of course, you have no problem with cock-fighting), but it's mesmerizing.

None of the several birds used in the video were harmed during its making - as you can see from the making-of film.

Although, who actually likes being doused in paint then forced to have a punch-up with your pals Not going to be turned into a Fiat Punto ad.


Production CompanyGoeroe Media
DirectorRoel Wouters
ProducerIvo de Jongh
ProducerJack Kuiper
Director of PhotographySal Kroonenberg
Other creditsLine producer: Apple Puttitanasuntorn Art director: Noppadol Arkart Editor: Jurriaan van Nimwegen Compositor: Jack Kuiper Grade: David van Jeeswijk Commissioner: Excelsior/TAX videoclipfund

David Knight - 3rd Feb 2009

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