David Knight - 27th Jan 2009

A farmworker, chained to his miserable grinding toil, is released by a nymph bearing an enchanted guitar - and escapes to seek fame and fortune as the demon minstrel in the city.

In his video for The Offspring from late last year, Chris Hopewell weaves a familiar cautionary tale with his usual sweeping vision. His city is a mix of past and present, reflecting a timeless story of a gift squandered by hubris, greed, arrogance, etc. Very rock and roll in fact. So let that be a warning to you, very talented boy-guitarist on Youtube...

And through a combination of studio shoots, green-screen, post production, and willing extras, Chris and Collision Films partner Ben Foley are flying in the face of music video conventional wisdom with their sprawling movie-like storylines: after their first Mad Max-inspired epic for McFly, their second sees their Christmas fun spoiled by zombies.

Doncha just hate it when that happens


Production CompanyCollision Films
DirectorChris Hopewell
Director of PhotographyFred Reed
EditorBen Foley

David Knight - 27th Jan 2009

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