David Knight - 26th Jan 2009

Super-duper video for star-in-the-making Vanessa Brown by Ross Cooper and Bugsy Riverbank Steel, aka OneInThree.

Ross and Bugsy bring all their usual graphic invention to an idea based on the song's break-up theme - a revolving removals box, revealing different aspects, and different sizes, of VV. As they explain below, they applied typical invention to make it happen properly.

While all this might overwhelm some aspiring pop stars, it feels like pretty much the ideal vehicle for someone who is going to be described as vibrant and vivacious an awful lot in the next few months. She's great in this.


OneInThree on making the video for VV Brown's Leave

"We had a really fun shoot, Vanessa is a really fantastic natural performer, even when being spun round all day in a variety of differently sized MDF boxes.

"Apart from the background plate of the apartment, the shoot was focused on a series of set builds on motorized turntables which we synchronised to the audio track. Every time we swapped boxes we used a plumb-bob on a ceiling pulley to centre our boxes on the turntables. "We also built are own amateur motion control rig using a piece of sponge stuck to the turntable, as it span round it hit a computer mouse which triggered one of four Quicktime movies to play that acted as our digi-slate and audio playback. We needed 4 movies for one each for side of the box, depending on the way she needed to be facing at the specific point in the track.

"Every time she turned away from camera she had time to compose herself and find a new pose, she enjoyed herself so much that she was really disappointed when we wrapped."


Production CompanyColonel Blimp
ProducerSarah Tognazzi
Director of PhotographyDaniel Trapp
Art DirectorJames H
StylistCynthia Lawrence
ColouristJames Banford
OnlineFernando Regin
CommissionerCarmen Montanez

David Knight - 26th Jan 2009

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