David Knight - 13th Jan 2009

So here's his video for Sickboy's Silence In Conversation (his second video for the band). It was something of a solo job - and he was inspired by the fact two of the group are identical twins. The result is a distinctive take on photocopier-video micro-genre. It's not often the lipsync is created from a face pressed up against the copier screen...

Lorcan Finnegan on making the video for Sickboy's Silence In Conversation

"Two of the band members, Colm and Brian are identical twin brothers - like carbon copies of each other, which got me interested in the idea of copying and reproduction of images. I was also interested in the aesthetic of the fliers and self promotional material being produced by unsigned bands...also the idea of animating 'silent' photocopies (of a face smushed up against the glass of a photocopier) to make it appear as though the photocopies are singing appealed to me.

"So I copied Colm's face in a photocopier and moved it around as the light from the copier passed by to create distortions - we made hundreds of photocopies with all the main mouth/facial shapes needed for lip sync. Then I shot them playing on whitescreen, photocopied the frames etc - put the mouth shapes in order, photographed them, composited it all together in AE and synced it up."

Demonstrating his versatility, Lorcan's video for Orba Squara's Gravel is a big production-value pop video with a twist - a one-shot of a girl in stupendous countryside with a cartoon head - involving 3D tracking and modelling and matte painting. And incidentally, shot by Steadicam legend Fiachra Judge.


Production CompanyLovely Productions
DirectorLorcan Finnegan
ProducerBrunella Cocchiglia

David Knight - 13th Jan 2009

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