David Knight - 5th Jan 2009

Joe and Tim of John Major's Daughters are building a rep for creating atmospheric, great-looking videos from fairly minimal resources.

Case in point: Sander Van Doorn's house makeover for Robbie's Close My Eyes. The raw materials are some lovely ladies in party dresses, a trampoline, and a blue bloke. But probably most importantly, they shot with an army crash-testing camera.

It's slow motion fun, and a quality result. Although the production was not without its headaches for producer Paul McLoone (see below). As for JMD's Joe and Tim: "It's important to be able to work with slow motion cameras and beautiful women," they say. "Luckily in this video we were able to do both. We just want to say thank you to everyone who made it happen."

Paul McLoone on making the video for Robbie Vs Sander Van Doorn's Close My Eyes

"It's funny looking back at this video and seeing the girls moving so slowly, because on the shoot day everything (and I mean everything) seemed to be moving at a snails pace apart from the girls.

"We shot on an army crash-testing camera which got caught in a tailback on delivery. The computer took an age to download each take. We had to use stills photo lenses, which took endless fiddling to mount. Even getting a jug of water out of the studio hand was like pulling huge, deep-rooted crocodile teeth. It was like skinny, weedy legs running through deep murky quicksand.

"Then these beautiful looking girls would take position and start bouncing on a trampoline and we had just 3 seconds for a take. The whole raison d'etre of the video was like DARUMMM!! and gone. And we were back in the quicksand again...

"So its just really bizarre to see the girls now, suspended in time. Just like we were - though slightly more glamorous looking..."

Watch 'Robbie Williams Vs Sander Van Doorn’s Close My Eyes by JMD' here


Production CompanyP for Production
DirectorJohn Major's Daughters
ProducerPaul McLoone
Director of PhotographyDaniel Trapp
EditorJustin Dickel
CommissionerCJ Hassay

David Knight - 5th Jan 2009

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