David Knight - 16th Dec 2008

Simon Owens, who has been known to test the boundaries of political correctness in the past, may push some buttons with his new video for Who Made Who's TV Friend.

He's blacked-up the band - although to be fair it's a lot more Blue Man Group than Black & White Minstrel Show.

Simon has certainly managed to push a few buttons with his other recent project, directing a strictly unofficial video for LCD Soundsystem's New York I Love You, featuring a very familiar green frog puppet character.

James Murphy was party to its making - that's obvious when you see it - but it's now been removed from YouTube. But it's out there somewhere, so maybe you should Google...

Watch 'Who Made Who and LCD Soundsystem by Simon Owens' here


DirectorSimon Owens
ProducerStudio Simon Owens
EditorJames Wright
PropsAndy Hillman Studio/Clare Jago

David Knight - 16th Dec 2008

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