David Knight - 25th Nov 2008

At times like these it's good to see those wonderful folks in the City putting on a brave face and having some fun.

Wiley's team up with Mark Ronson and Daniel Merriweather for Cash In My Pocket sees Kim Gehrig taking up the reins once again, after the somewhat controversial promo for Wearing My Rolex. Wiley isn't in this one either - but this time it's a conscious decision by Kim, who taps into the zeitgeist in the way that the rather subversive Wiley virals have.

And despite the cheap video style, there's something classically Hollywood musical and escapist about it.

A bit like what happened in the last Great Depression...

Kim Gehrig on making the video for Wiley's Cash In My Pocket

"When I got the Wiley track in, I knew that this time I had to make a video where Wiley deliberately wasn't in it. The track seemed so apt for this crazy moment in the financial world and I wanted to do something that played with that.

"I had become aware of office lip dub videos and think they're quite ingenious. It seemed like the perfect track to get bankers to sing. The idea was to make the video feel as if the bankers made it themselves - how they would create a video and perform a rap, and make silly officey jokes."[/pay]

Watch: here

PRO Credits


Production CompanyAcademy Films
DirectorKim Gehrig
ProducerDom Thomas
Director of PhotographyBen Moulden
Art DirectorGregg Shoulder
ChoreographerSteven Hoggett
CommissionerTim Nash

David Knight - 25th Nov 2008

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