David Knight - 21st Oct 2008

Last week he won Best Visual Effects at the MVAs for his awesome Horrors video. Now here's Corin Hardy's latest, for Bomb The Bass featuring Jon Spencer.

It's another animation special - made in association with Corin's own Chiddingly Village animation workshop, no less - and Corin has clearly moved on from sickening violence. To sex.

It's an eyeful alright, with Corin boldly exploring the lure of voyeurism and even inanimate-object eroticism.

But one has to ask: has the British music video industry come to this A pursuit where nice old dears from a delightful, sleepy English village can be diverted from their knitting and Strictly Come Dancing to help make pornographic stop-motion animation

Okay, it wasn't quite like that - see Corin's account of events below - but I think my extrapolation is definitely the hit Brit movie version. Just need James McAvoy to play Corin...

Corin Hardy on making the video for Bomb The Bass's Fuzzbox

"I wanted to keep it raw/exciting/crude/dirty/interesting/weird, etc... I basically ran a two-day Festival animation workshop in the village of Chiddingly, using 'found objects' as a theme - then followed up with two days in my workshop and did extra bits and bobs.

"I felt that there was a certain sleaze element to the track that we hadn't addressed in the workshop, so I came up with... porn! I downloaded a few short movies(!), dragged every three frames into Photoshop, resized/'censored' them with black spray, then printed them out & re- censored them with tape, etc. and then captured them back in photographically.

"For the performance aspect I asked Jon to get someone in New York to take some digi snaps of him from front and side mouthing:


"It was a very punk-rock process. Jon sent them to me the day before my workshop, so I printed out and got the kids to animate them, etc. I edited and graded myself and six days later it was done.

"I think the resulting crude, chaotic, sleazy surreal-ness with the voyeury cameras, weird toys and found object creations suited the sounds and atmosphere in the track, and Jon and Tim (Bomb The Bass) were very happy.

"Tim immediately asked me about a follow up to a track with Mark Lanegan, that I shot straight after and I'm just completing some minor post on. It's been a very invigorating process."

Watch 'Bomb The Bass feat. Jon Spencer's Fuzzbox by Corin Hardy' here

PRO Credits


Production CompanyAcademy Films
DirectorCorin Hardy
Director of PhotographyCorin Hardy
EditorCorin Hardy
CommissionerTim Simenon & Gwendolin Lamping

David Knight - 21st Oct 2008

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