David Knight - 1st Oct 2008

Stereophonics have now been around so long they are now (virtually) the grizzled vets of Brit indie pop-rock. But in their many videos it's hard to remember any genuinely feelgood ones.

Their early vids, by their fondly-remembered directing commissioner Pinko, had a certain something - and I've always been keen on Dave Slade's vid for Mr Writer, with Kelly Jones and co. in a clown car-crash. But feelgood Not until now.

Luc Janin's video actually has almost as much slo-mo as Mr Writer, and initially suggests something gritty, until it gains momentum, and undergoes a liberating transformation.

Luc was inspired by the annual Hindu 'Holi' festival - in fact, this is what happens across India during the festival, but this time the band get caught in the crossfire.

"The music and the song were so strong that any image trying to illustrate the lyrics too literally would have felt weak to me," he says. "I thought it needed to be a completely abstract visualization that left room for individual interpretation."

Luc and Annex Films undertook extensive street casting process to secure a diverse mix of characters, diverse in ages, looks and sizes - 80 extras in all - for the one day shoot. Two 16 mm cameras captured all the action.

"The concept offered amazing photographic opportunities with the vibrant powders flying around, colouring people of different ages and appearances in a location full of textures.

"However I also wanted an emotional core to this film rather than just being about a look".

It's a beautiful, gleeful mess, bursting with humanity, that's excellently captured by DoP Richard Stewart, and expertly edited by Paul Hardcastle.

And Kelly almost looks like he's enjoying himself.

Watch 'Stereophonics’ You’re My Star by Luc Janin' here


Production CompanyAnnex Films
DirectorLuc Janin
ProducerBasil Stephens
Director of PhotographyRichard Stewart
EditorPaul Hardcastle
ColouristDuncan Russell
CommissionerDan Curwin

David Knight - 1st Oct 2008

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