David Knight - 8th Sept 2008

Tremendously good video for the rockin' Texan boys White Denim by Tom Haines - with the band in a Bermondsey junkyard, replete with groovy dancers, erotic car-washing by a big lady, and a dangerous child named Stanley.

Loads of fun and very cool, nearly everyone on screen with the band makes an impression - including the owners of the yard. Tom has done a great job and, as he acknowledges below, revived the loose narrative feel of his early videos like Tunng's Jenny Again.

Like that Tunng video and Tom's others, this was shot by Steve Annis and it looks bloody marvellous - possibly the best advert for shooting on film I've seen this year. Would it look this good on tape On a Red You know the answer.

Tom Haines on making the video for White Denim's Shake Shake Shake

"It was back to basics for me. Shooting on film - it was shot on Super 16mm - with me and my DP Steve Annis running around making up shots on the day.

"It's going back to the naturalism of my early videos, like Tunng's Jenny Again, combined with what I've learnt since. And it's such a great balls-out song. I love White Denim.

"I wanted to have a Mad Max-type of setting, and another influence was the movie George Washington by David Gordon Green, which has feral kids in an almost-but-not-quite post-apocalyptic environment. That's what I wanted - and you have to see what you can get don't you

"We chose the first place we looked at. It's in south London, and it wasn't very big, but the guys who run it - and who are also in the video - were very easy-going, and when you're in a location like that you need to have people on your side.

"I was at Framestore doing the online, and Mike Woods, who I've worked with a lot over there, came in to have a look at the footage. All he could say was 'look at those cars, those Beemers - what a waste!' I was asking him how he liked the video. He just wanted to know where I shot it.

"We didn't have that much time with Stanley, the boy. We were only allowed to have him for a few hours so he only came around about four o'clock. It was all pretty quick. I wanted him to have some interaction with a family of very tame foxes who lived next to the yard. But they were freaked out - by the noise of the band more than anything.

"We had all kinds of dancers doing street and crunk in the casting. But the guy in the check suit in the video he's pretty special. He reminded me of a sot fo Shane meadows character and he took it mega-seriously. He came in and asked to hear the track and eeach time he stomped around exactly the same way.

"I think we got lucky - everyone had the right attitude and they looked great."

Watch 'White Denim’s Shake Shake Shake by Tom Haines' here


Production CompanyFactory Films
DirectorTom Haines
ProducerMiranda Davis
Director of PhotographySteve Annis
EditorJulian Eguiguren
ColouristDavid Ludlum

David Knight - 8th Sept 2008

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