David Knight - 27th Aug 2008

The setting is wintry, the mood is bleak, and it may well strike fear into your very being. But try not to let the British summer get you down.

Here's Olly Goodrum's impressive video for Al McKay's Spires Of St. Pancras. In truth, it's a bit of a bone-chiller too, featuring, as it does, someone who's buried alive. But it's well worth a look.

"The video was shot in one day on Wheathampstead Common, just the DP and myself," explains Olly. "We went there the day before to dig the hole - the park ranger came across us during the shoot and told us off, but he didn't fancy filling in the hole so let us be.

"Mick (the grave actor) was buried to his waist, leaving an air hole at his feet for over an hour. He was a very good sport. It was shot on a Sony Z1 with no other equipment - I had to climb trees to get the top shots!"

Watch 'Al McKay’s Spires Of St. Pancras by Oliver Goodrum' here


Production CompanyBre
DirectorOliver Goodrum
Director of PhotographyM
EditorOliver Goodrum

David Knight - 27th Aug 2008

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