David Knight - 21st Aug 2008

http://uk.youtube.com/watchv=zBP2hxfZd1Y[/youtube]Lee Bamsey and Steve Gurr, editors at Locomotion Post, have completed this video for their own music/film/art side-project KINORA.

Lee says that the track and video were developed alongside one another, to be as integrated as possible, and doing most everything themselves (apart from camerawork from Nathan A Sheppard) it took eight months work, patience and perseverance.

Lovely effects work as a stroller in Hackney is threatened by a gas-masked alter-ego controlling inky tentacles that can turn graffiti into a malevolent force...


DirectorLee Bamsey & Steve Gurr (aka KINORA)
ProducerLee Bamsey & Steve Gurr
Director of PhotographyN
ColouristLee Bamsey, Steve Gurr
OnlineLee Bamsey, Steve Gurr

David Knight - 21st Aug 2008

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