David Knight - 13th Aug 2008

Ben Ib has been away from promos for a while. As well as making a short film, he's been occupied creating tour visuals for the likes of Paul McCartney, Mika - and Kylie.

Out of that night-in, night-out collab with La Minogue comes this: a new video for The One which combines Kylie's peerless style with Ben's graphic sense to bring the glamour of Hollywood's Golden Age into Century 21.

Ben clearly worked closely with Kylie on this. They actually made it while on the road, and she's credited with doing her own wardrobe, hair and makeup, no less (but sadly, she's probably missed the deadline to enter the MVA for Best Styling).

Ben Ib on making the video for Kylie's The One

"The video was shot in an evening in a makeshift greenscreen studio in the Manchester Evening News Arena, on Kylie's day off between performing. The concept behind the video was inspired by some initial images which Kylie emailed me...Man Ray, Rodchenko, images of Carol Lombard and Lauren Bacall.

"It's also influenced by Fritz Lang, Art Deco, Powell and Pressburger, The Wizard of Oz, and Busby Berkeley.... I thought it would be nice to approach it as if Busby Berkeley had been alive today...what kind of video might have he made I came up with some extensive storyboards, and, lo and behold, ended up ditching them through lack of post time!!!

"Since leaving Colonel Blimp earlier this year I was lucky enough to get the job of working on tour visuals for Kylie, as well as for various other artists including Paul McCartney and Mika. The Kylie visuals involved working with William Baker and Blink TV right from rehearsal stage, planning out the visuals and creating imagery for a wide range of different tracks - particularly Heartbeat Rock (Stars and Stripes to the power of 1,000 000), Wow (a neon fest) and In Your Arms (the Testcard gone crazy).

"It's great fun working with someone as iconic as Kylie. She looks great against any colour scheme!!!"

Watch 'Kylie’s The One by Ben Ib' here


Production CompanyBlink TV
DirectorBen Ib
ProducerTom Colbourne
Director of PhotographyAlex Hemming
StylistKylie Minogue
EditorBen Ib/Amanda James
2D AnimatorBen Ib, Gavin Davis, Dan Kitchener, Josh Michnik
3D AnimatorBen Ib, Shaun Yue
CommissionerKylie Minogue

David Knight - 13th Aug 2008

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