David Knight - 23rd July 2008

For the killer Paris Is Burning, Ladyhawke hits the street, striding through feathers, fireworks and tickertape accompanied by a wolf. Yes, a real wolf. Just like what probably happens in the movie from whence she takes her Marmite name.

For Red Light Company it's a straight performance, playing with camera movement and light. The budgets for the two videos may be modest, but Casper has also worked with top camera guys on these; Simon Chaudoir for the Red Light Company video, and Kasper Tuxen for Ladyhawke.

Casper Balslev on the Ladyhawke's Paris Is Burning video:

"Ladyhawke is my second promo for Modular [after Presets]. As usual the brief was open, which I like.

"We shot the video in May, near Borough market in London. We had done research on shooting in Paris and Prague, but ended up shooting in London for practical reasons. Also I didn't want to portray a known Paris anyway, or take it too literally.

"The song is very up tempo and changes a lot, so a walk was a really simple and cool way to present her and the song. Its almost a genre, walking towards the camera. I watched a lot of simular themed videos, like Beat It, or Bittersweet Symphony. I was also inspired by some fashion photography.

"I came up with the wolf, after seeing some of Pip's (Ladyhawke's) wardrobe. She has lots of T-shirts with animal prints on, she really likes animals. The wolf also reminded me of the movie Ladyhawke, and fantasy movies in general. And then it's just a cool looking night animal.

"It's easy to write a wolf into a script. And it was pretty easy to get, but a bit expensive. We got it from this company that specializes in all kind of animals for film production. But it's a dangerous animal to have on set, so we had to be careful. We had some safety
restrictions, and the wolf lost its concentration after a while, but we had a back-up wolf anyway, just in case. Most movie animals come in pairs, and they were howling on the set...

"Shooting a night shoot in late May was a bit stressful. We were on a really tight schedule. I wish we had two nights for the shoot, or just another time of the year, with more night hours..."

"The band and label wanted a really simple, cool looking, performance video. I think the reference was Suede or Killers.

"I can spend days writing on a treatment. This one I wrote and did the sketches in a few hours. Originally it was set in a natural environment, with a forest surrounding them.

"I had this idea about moving the light on tracks around objects - the band - parallel with the camera. And just moving the light and shadows. Simon Chaudoir the DP, had had a similar idea for some time. So besides having some motion sickness while shooting, we had fun doing this."

Watch 'Ladyhawke and Red Light Company by Casper Balslev' here

PRO Credits


Production CompanyHello Love
DirectorCaspar Balslev
ProducerHannah Cooper
Director of PhotographySimon Chaudoir
EditorClaudia Wass
CommissionerDan Millar

David Knight - 23rd July 2008

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