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The Kills’ Last Day Of Magic by Sophie Muller

David Knight - 19th June 2008

The Kills take to beating the living shit out of each other in Sophie Muller's third video for the band.

Having no idea that it was now perfectly fine for guys to hit girls - even if you're a bit weedy like Jamie Hince - Promonews asked Sophie Muller all about it.

Sophie Muller on making The Kills' Last Day Of Magic video

Promo: Those cuts and bruises look like they hurt, and Alison and Jamie do look really shaken up at various times. So how real was that fighting

Sophie Muller: It's ALL acting...the 'shaken up' is acting, the fighting was real in that they were actually doing it but there was no actual physical violence. The make up artist was great she did all that in the streets with a hand held light in about five minutes.

Did you ever think: "hang on a minute, that's too much"

Never. I probably kept saying 'more, more'. I never felt there was any real danger of injury. They were amazing like that.

Where did the idea come from Real tensions between The Kills

No, actually it came from the first video I did with them, U R A Fever, where I really liked their physicality with each other. It was very playful and natural and they both had a great understanding of energy in front of a camera.
I'd also seen footage of them live, where they have a great on stage chemistry, and I felt I hadn't captured their intensity in the other two videos I had done.

Was there a girlfriend on the sidelines egging them on...


When and where did you shoot this

We shot in Barcelona, as they were on tour and we had to pick a date that would work. We knew the live venue would be easy to film in also. Not always a given. And Spain is always great to film in. It was really easy and nice.

What are you up to now, what's coming up

Travelling a lot and dodging dodgy video offers.

Are they any videos out there that you really like at the moment (in other words, want to do a Playlist for Promonews)

I like the Gnarls Barclay video 'Going On'.

(Guess that's a 'no' then...)[/pay]

David Knight - 19th June 2008


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David Knight - 19th June 2008

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