David Knight - 11th June 2008

Ray Tintori's video for MGMT's Time To Pretend was a brilliant, dazzling debut. So great, in fact, that it somewhat overshadowed his accompanying creation for the band: an innovative interactive web video for Electric Feel, created with 'retro' technology which allowed viewers to edit their own versions and ensuring there would never be the same cut twice.

But now Ray has made the definitive, single-cut video for Electric Feel. He's dispensed with (most of) the video feedback and lo-fi effects for something smoother.

It's a bit less iconoclastic, a bit more Midsummer Night's Dream. But it still has that iconic back-to-nature(-on-drugs) vibe that Vanwyngarden, Goldwasser and Tintori created so memorably for Time To Pretend.

And you'd never guess it was shot in Brooklyn.

Watch 'MGMT's Electric Feel by Ray Tintori' here

PRO Credits


Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
DirectorRay Tintori
ProducerStephanie Scire
Director of PhotographyAndrij Parekh
Art DirectorSophie Kosofsky
EditorRyan Bartley
ColouristGhosttown Media
CommissionerBryan Younce

David Knight - 11th June 2008

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