David Knight - 28th May 2008

Dan Lowe has been working hard with Anthony Dickenson, in a sub-sect of the teamStush collective that they call LODEF, documenting the Parisien photographer JR's Women Are Heroes project. More on that later from Dan and Anthony soon on Promo, and also here.

But first here, at long last, is a new video from Dan, proving once again how bloody talented and technically adept he is.

Remember his breakthrough video for Field Music, when he filmed the creation of a wall mural in a breathtaking one-shot Here's more art, but Dan's canvas is the female form - and as it was shot on a stills camera, the effect is altogether more kinetic. It's also hypnotic and beautiful.

Dan Lowe on his video for Ortzroka's Planets

"I'd had an idea brewing for quite a while and couldn't find the right home for it, but when I heard Planets' it all made sense. After shooting a test on myself with the help of my animator Chris Ullens and DoP Ross McLennan to go with my pitch - I had to lay still on a hard desk for several hours while they scribbled and painted over my arms and stomach -a darker, eerier side of the animation came to life.

"I thought it necessary to go through the pain myself if I was going to ask a model to go through the same situation, knowing how uncomfortable it can be, and also to test the realities of staying dead still or working with the shivers and shakes of breathing and cramp.

"The band loved the test so we got some money together and the ball rolling. Within a week my producer Sarah Tognazzi had the whole thing organised and we were sat in a small apartment in Hackney. It was slightly strange for the model as there were three cameras and five guys surrounding her and she couldn't move or do much about it. But she was fantastic and didn't complain throughout the two day shoot, apart from some severe cramp at one stage.

"I got an illustrator friend of mine Tim Lee involved to concoct the designs, and he and Chris set about on the animation using many, many pens and mascara and other strange expensive black substances. And with the addition of the black ink exploding in water and several tens of thousands of photos later we were done.

"Joe Randall-Cutler worked on the edit and put together something really special. My thanks to everyone involved - I'll pay you next time round I promise!!"

Watch 'Ortzroka's Planets by Dan Lowe' here

PRO Credits


Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
DirectorDan Lowe
ProducerSarah Tognazzi
Director of PhotographyRoss McLennan
EditorJoe Randall
CommissionerLawrie Millar

David Knight - 28th May 2008

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