David Knight - 15th May 2008

And so this week's unfolding saga of videos that are in production or just completed goes on. It's been quite a story. And it's not over yet...

Collision: Ben Foley has directed Wideboys feat. Shaznay Lewis's Daddy O for Hermione Ross at All Around The World.

Colonel Blimp: Sarah Chatfield has directed Annie's I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me for Carmen Montanez Callan at Island, OneInThree are completing Leon Jean Marie's Bring It On also for Carmen at Island, and The Teenagers' You Can Make It Happen for Phil Lee at XL, Nez has completed Palladium's White Lady for Jane Skinner at Virgin and is currently working on a documentary about MIA. And Lily Smith, following a grand Blimp tradition of moving from the production office to the directing chair, has made her directing debut with The Clik Clik's Did You Wrong for Darling UK - as featured on Popjustice the other day (right).

Pixelloft: Nick Bartleet is directing Exit 10's Warriors for David Steel at Embryonic, and Johnny B at One Eyed Monster shoots Exit 10's Technically Alive also for David at Embryonic.

Pulse Films: 32 have directed Wild Beasts' Devil's Crayon for Domino, D.A.R.Y.L. are shooting Cage The Elephant's Ain't No Rest for The Wicked for CJ and John Hassay at Relentless, Berlin & McCool are directing The Whip's Blackout for Katy Ellis at Southern Fried Records, and Emma is shooting Freemasons' Touch Me for CJ and John Hassay at Skint.

Radical Media: New signing Tinge Krishnan shoots Emmanuel Jay's War Child for Sonic 360.

Red Jam: DADDY are directing We Are Scientists' Chick Lit for Carole Burton Fairbrother at Virgin Records, Heroes For Zeroes are shooting Tom Baxter's Miracle also for Carole at Virgin and have just finished Automata's Need You Sunshine for Left Hand Records. They are also shooting Ann Scott's Imelda for Rag House Records and are currently in post on Short film Hoor for the Irish film board.

Revolver Film Co: Wendy Morgan directed the new Gnarls Barkley, Going On, for Cathy Pellow at Warner Music UK.

Rockhard Films: Tony Petrossian has just shot Sam Beeton's What You Look For for Mike O'Keefe at Sony BMG, and Marc Klasfeld shot The Script's The Man That Can't be Moved for Dan Millar at Sony BMG...

Don't miss the next thrilling instalment of the Production Update tomorrow...

David Knight - 15th May 2008

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