David Knight - 13th May 2008

It's time for another rundown of music videos currently in production or recently completed - and this is just Part One. More coming tomorrow - so get in touch very soon if you want to make sure something new is included...

Agile: Ben & Jos directed Hadouken's Crank It Up for Tim Nash at Atlantic, and Lucy Cash directed One Night Only's You And Me for Dan Curwin at Mercury.

Alex de Campi: The Real Tuesday Weld 'I Loved London'. Alex de Campi (Puppini Sisters, Flipron, Schema) has just shot her second video for The Real Tuesday Weld, and if you saw a 6'6' bleeding angel stumbling around London a couple of weeks ago, it was probably part of this shoot (or you should lay off the hallucinogens).
"We were on long lenses so the camera team was well hidden," says Alex. "It was kind of hilarious and kind of sad that we had this character, obviously ill and injured, in Piccadilly Circus and everyone was too busy posing next to him and taking photos of themselves to ask if he was OK." The video, produced by Sean Stuart, is commissioned by Stephen Coates at Six Degrees Records

Bikini: Tim Mattia shot The Enemy live for Cara Brady at Warners.

Black Dog: Chris Bran directed KT Tunstall's Little Favours (The Tunstallator version) for Dilly Gent for Relentless, while Price James is working on two: Peaches' I Don't Give A Fuck for Phil Lee at XL, and Florence & the Machine's Kiss With A Fist for Mairead at Queens of Noize and Jane Skinner at Virgin.

Draw: JT has completed Ironik's Stay With Me for Tim Nash at Atlantic, and Goodtimes' latest is The Rascals' Razor for Deltasonic.

Flynn: Youth Club are shooting two jobs this week: Sergeant's Sunshine for Dan Curwin at Mercury shoots on May 14th and Funeral For A Friend's Waterfront Dance Club for Raw Power on May 17th. Also this week Michael Baldwin directs Attic Lights' Bring You Down for Carmen Montanez Callan at Island and The Rushes for Bob and Tamara at Universal, and then Jack McManus's You Think I Don't Care for Polydor on May 19th. Also Alex Herron is directing Basshunter's All I Ever Wanted for Ministry Of Sound and Alex Hemming is helming Doug Walker's Obstacles for Warner.

HSI London: Saline Project member Justin Francis has directed Mattafix's Things Have Changed for John Moule for Begood Ltd/Buddhist Punk Records.

More to come...

David Knight - 13th May 2008

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