David Knight - 9th May 2008

One week later and the debate about Romain Gavras's video for Justice's Stress rages on...

Clearly it's not everyone's cup of tea. Of course it isn't. I'm kind of hoping that's really the whole point. But a video that people find genuinely shocking - whatever their reasons - and provokes a properly serious debate, in this terribly jaded day and age Fantastic.

Meanwhile, we have enquired and Romain Gavras prefers to maintain a (Kubrick-like) silence about the video. Which is interesting.

But now Anna Pickard, renowned for her often hilarious and sometimes downright cruel dissections of the latest videos in her Pickard Of The Pops column at The Guardian, has made her contribution.

Even she's struggling to find much to be amused by this one, but she does seem to think that those bad boys are batting for the Inspiral Carpets...

David Knight - 9th May 2008

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