Price James - 4th Apr 2008

Price James (pictured right, that's him in the glasses) burst onto the British music video scene last year with his highly imaginative micro-budgeted videos for the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Lost Penguin and Shitdisco, and then signed to RSA/Black Dog.

Price knows his music video stuff, so we asked him to make a playlist of his favourite videos. So of course he's mostly gone for the work of his young video-making east London chums and, it has to be said, a fair amount of micro-budgeted work...

In this era of low budget music videos, the network you need of friends and helpers who will drop everything and help out is the most important element of the whole process. Everyone I know in east London is in the same boat, and supporting each other is the only way that videos get made at all. It's kinda like a music video Byker Grove.

There is no keeping DoP's numbers to ourselves like hiding our poker cards. This movement isn't precious. We are adaptable and unselfish, we share information and try to support each other...

Commercials are for money, making music videos is a passion that we itch and crave, and I think its incredibly exciting at the moment. Yeah, there are a few touchy subjects that a lot of people picked up on after Dan Millar's comments on PromoNews a few weeks ago. But as I've only been in this industry just over a year and still a 'rookie', the most important thing for me is creating good work and being excited by others.

Its obviously a transition period for the industry which is always scary, but on the other hand its also immensely exciting to be part of it.

Guy Stephens shot the stills and my favourite designer Nova Dando made the incredible outfits. We were both working at a call centre at the time and had to have meetings about the design of them in our lunch breaks. Everyone there thought we were total weirdos.

Jo Apps the legend of editing stayed at my flat for a week cutting it. We never saw daylight. Big up to everyone on that shoot - and RIP Lost Penguin.


DirectorRay Tintori

Price James - 4th Apr 2008

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