David Knight - 11th Mar 2008

An impressed Brendan McNamee approached anti-folk star Emmy after a gig and offered to make her a video. Then he shot it on two rolls of recanned film - one was labelled wrong (it was 50 Daylight film, not 500T as labelled), and the other inexplicably fogged.

"So what I wanted to be a very simple in camera and edit turned into a rescue op," says Brendan. Well, he's done a highly effective salvage job. This is sweet and tender, with some handy effects work to boot.

Meanwhile Emmy will be charming the masses this week at SXSW, and in a UK artists showcase at the Bowery Ballroom in New York tonight. That's our gig of the day, live fans.

Watch 'Emmy the Great's The Wood by Brendan McNamee' here


Production CompanyBlunt Films
DirectorBrendan McNamee
Director of PhotographyBen Moulden
EditorBrendan McNamee
PostRoss Smith, Joe Lea

David Knight - 11th Mar 2008

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