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Dan Millar's (Low-Budget) Playlist

Promonews - 21st Feb 2008

(Sony BMG's stylish video commissioner takes time out of his busy schedule to present a few of his current favourites. Appears he has a particular fondness for stuff that didn't cost anything - ed)

Things sure ain't what they used to be in the music video world and is seem to get less "like it used to be" every year.

Less money, less time. So I've decided to playlist my current favourite zero-to-low budget music videos.

Watch here: YouTube

Watch here: YouTube

Watch here: Embed Ida Maria
Drive Away My Heart
Dir. Magnus Renfors
Prod co: Filmteknarna, Sweden
This is another one of mine. Magnus was recommended to us by the girlfriend of the drummer in the band and he is a revelation. The budget on this job was truly tiny and I honestly have no idea how they managed to get all the costumes, cars and locations.
Watch here: Quicktime movie

Watch here: Quicktime movie

Promonews - 21st Feb 2008


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Keith Schofield
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Factory Fe

Promonews - 21st Feb 2008

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