David Knight - 17th Dec 2007

It's weird. Working on a monthly music video magazine, every year we remembered to ask our readers to send us their Christmas cards several weeks before the event, so they could appear in the Christmas issue of PROMO - which even occasionally came out before Christmas.

This year, however, we fear we've missed the boat. Possibly confused by the new challenge of daily deadlines at PromoNews, frankly we forgot to send out the usual open brief to create the most politically incorrect Christmas card in history. Damn.

Of course PromoNews would still love to receive any seasonal greeting you might have created anyway. And one of our elf-slave-children should be producing the PromoNews Christmas message any time now. We're just figuring out how to pdf glitter.

And to get the ball rolling, we have received this seasonal offering on video by boy/girl directing combo Radical Friend, courtesy of their UK representatives One Small Step. We think it does capture that excitement and sense of expectation felt by all the young ones at this time of year - yeah, it can feel like a lifetime...

David Knight - 17th Dec 2007

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