David Knight - 3rd Dec 2007

A team at Smoke & Mirrors completed the grade, online, 3D and effects work on the video. Senior Flame operator Jon Berridge provided VFX supervision on set, then worked with fellow operators Barry Greaves Isabella Laner and Ally Burnett to create crucial additions such as the icicles and spreading frost in the winter shots, and vignettes of leaves changing colour in the autumnal set-up. Extra elements such as snow, glitter and blue summer skies were also composited in Flame.

Smoke & Mirrors 3D team headed by Rebekah King-Britton added to the Spring/Summer shots with blooming cherry blossom flowers and a giant rose which band member Keisha Buchanan appears to be sitting inside, these elements were both modelled in Maya, rigged, textured and animated so they appear to come into flower.

David Knight - 3rd Dec 2007

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