David Knight - 27th Nov 2007

Kate Nash and Wesley Goode on set of Kinga Burza’s Pumpkin Soup videoWe calculate this is the fourth unapologetically confident video for serial dress-wearer Kate Nash by Kinga Burza, and it’s certainly the best since the one before last. It’s also the most colourful since the first, for Ms Nash’s spoof-like Caroline Is A Victim. We’ve read somewhere this a bit like Lily Allen’s Alfie (directed by Kinga’s pal Sarah Chatfield) and the work of Nagi Noda. But that neglects to mention surely the biggest influence on the art direction: The Magic Roundabout. First and foremost, this is one sexy little video – and that’s all Kinga’s own work. Wesley Goode has definitely got something going on with Kate – they are good friends apparently. And you got to love those cats. And the splendid titles are by Chris Hopkins.

David Knight - 27th Nov 2007

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