David Knight - 26th Nov 2007

KT Tunstall in the Saving My Face video by Chris BranCompared to some of her previous, the new KT Tunstall video is noteworthy simply for having the singer-songwriter foresquare in front of camera, playing herself. Chris Bran, who recently completed a documentary on KT which has become a very successful addition to the Drastic Fantastic album package, has taken a welcome simple approach, so you can tell there’s a proper artist there who is credible enough to have once been on speaking terms with the hip, folky Fence Collective. But it does have an interesting visual embellishment going on, which Chris developed with legendary DoP Peter Suschitzky – the cinematographer of numerous David Cronenberg’s movies, and The Empire Strikes Back. KT’s freeze-echo created by Bran and legendary DP Suschitzky in new video"We shot two passes using a steadicam - one with KT at the beginning of her walk and one clean plate with her at the end of her walk," Chris explains. "We then shot a close-up of KT's face and composited this as a still onto another long shot of KT passing through the flash point. By stitching this all together we were able to achieve the effect of KT freezing and the camera pulling out to reveal a head to toe still of KT that disappears into the distance until we eventually catch up with the real KT again."

David Knight - 26th Nov 2007

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