David Knight - 22nd Nov 2007

Man Like Me do the Doughnut in Simon Owen’s videoAre you feeling just a little depressed this morning after witnessing England’s rainy muddy nightmare hell? Or did you, as the final whistle blew, experience a vague sense of relief that an overpaid bunch of useless berks (with the exception of Crouch obviously) will not be dragging their stick insect Wags over to central Europe next summer for another vainglorious, inevitably futile attempt to actually win a trophy? Either way, you can cheer yourself up by watching this by Simon Owens (he of Imaginary Tennis Club notoriety) for Man Like Me, clearly of a bunch of guys who should know better. They’re wearing Wheelies for God’s sake. And the singer has a Marilyn T-shirt. Not Marilyn as in Marilyn, but Marilyn, as in Eighties singer, mate of Boy George’s Marilyn. And they ‘wheelie’ past a shop called Best Tat. See, things are looking up already. And what’s more the next England boss may actually have the balls to drop Lampard and Gerrard.

David Knight - 22nd Nov 2007

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