David Knight - 20th Nov 2007

Make Model singer sees stars in Rollason’s clipBen Rollason’s video for new EMI act Make Model is now the unofficial version. But as you might expect from a director who’s created some extremely inventive, even experimental work in the past year or so – we’re thinking Jeremy Warmsley’s Dirty Blue Jeans in particular – this contains lots of ideas and visual wit. The band paint their own blue screen backdrops, then play in front of them, and then get mixed up with them. They start out as snazzy geometric animations but Ben says, “The logical conclusion was to put some of the footage we shot into the blue screens.” So the video flows quite seamlessly between interior and exterior locations, adding to the viewing pleasure. What's more, the band come over pretty well. The replacement clip must be quite something…

David Knight - 20th Nov 2007

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