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Minor proves less Grindhouse is more

David Knight - 16th Nov 2007

Gruesome foursome on 3’s & 7’s location

<a rel="lightbox" href='' title='Gruesome foursome on 3’s & 7’s location'><img width="290" class="right" src='' alt='Gruesome foursome on 3’s & 7’s location' /></a>Going Grindhouse proved to be box office poison for Messrs Tarantino and Rodriguez. Judge for yourself whether Paul Minor has fared any better with his Shocking Spectacle Of Decadence for Queens of the Stone Age. Plenty of (lesbian) sex and violence – you can watch the uncensored version here of course – shot in sleaze-o-vision by Shawn Kim. Even Paul and Streetgang executive producer Jason Botkin are in there somewhere. And you have to admit that a four minute ‘trailer’ of exploitation trash has just got be better than having to sit through the whole thing… Here are Minor's dangerous girl gang on set.

David Knight - 16th Nov 2007

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