David Knight - 6th Nov 2007

Bonafide Lovin’ - Chromeo"It was a lightbulb kind of moment," says Nima Nourizadeh. "I'm sat in this hotel with Dave from Chromeo and he's talking about how they are really influenced by Eighties stuff, including videos. We were kicking around cool videos from the Eighties, Money For Nothing was mentioned – and then it hit me." Nima's golden moment of inspiration proves that there's nothing better than a video powered by a great concept - even when it’s based on another video's concept. Not only has no-one attempted to homage the seminal video for Dire Straits' Money For Nothing before, it could hardly be more appropriate for a band not only inspired by the Eighties, but comprising two guys – skinny singer Dave and chunky keyboardist P-Thing – with a notable resemblance to the digital double act in the original. "It was an amazing moment: I watched it and realised that Dave looked like one of them, and P-Thing the other." Money For Nothing, directed by Steve Barron, is of course famed for being the first ever to use 3D animation – blocky, huge-pixelled, ridiculously primitive 3D animation. Which is what makes it so cool right now. "I was instantly in love with that aesthetic,” says Nima. He also knew that Dave really wanted to be a 3D character – but the paltry budget meant that privilege could only happen at the end of the video. So instead Nima and animation team Dirty UK have created two more characters – the sexy fan and her dog who spot a live action Chromeo on TV and fall for each of them. Bonafide Lovin’ - ChromeoIronically just like Money For Nothing this was difficult to achieve because, for very different reasons, no-one knew how to do this stuff. "The video relied on the look and the movement being absolutely right," says Nima. "I wanted people to know it’s a direct reference, but also I didn't want it to be a direct recreation. We really did build them from blocks – but the characters also had to look good. It took a long time to get the girl right - you still want people to like her, and trying to get an expression or feeling was really hard." Nima and the animators at Dirty UK have unquestionably succeeded. Made on a budget that was a fraction of the original, Bonafide Lovin' has gone on heavy rotation on MTV in America – a brilliant result for an almost unknown act in the US. That's what you call something for no money, and it just goes to prove the irresistable power of those old classics. As Nima says, "Everyone knows Money For Nothing. It doesn't matter how old you are."

David Knight - 6th Nov 2007

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