David Knight - 3rd Apr 2014

You may think it's passed by in a sort of blur, and your abiding memory of the first three months of the year may well be the Great Takedown on Vimeo - but what about the music videos? 

Well, here is a playlist of the videos we like from the first quarter of 2014.  

Feel free to fervently disagree with our choices. And if you feel we've missed something really great, please let us know in the most forceful terms - preferably in that underused Facebook comments box below. Then it's more entertaining for everyone... 

In fact, like the weather, this feels like things are only just starting to warm up. 2014 is going to need some more bangers like DJ Snake (above), that's for sure. And that Vimeo issue needs to get sorted...

Watch 'Videos of the Year... so far' here

David Knight - 3rd Apr 2014

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